Thursday, July 05, 2012

Singapore - Animals

On a recent trip to Singapore I managed to get some time to visit the Singapore Zoo. I got the chance to pretend I was a wild life photographer for the day and managed to capture some great resource material for my illustration.
While studying these creatures from behind the lens I witnessed a rather hilarious attack by two sneaky red parrots (bandits) on one unsuspecting sloth. Poor sloth was just sleeping soundly and kept getting pecked on the head by these two mischief makers! Needless to say he got a bit sick and tired of the harassment and moved on - rather quickly for a sloth I say! 
This was my favourite character.. I think Ill call him 'Neville the Ring-tailed Lemur'. 
Im afraid I cant recall the name of this wee animal (any one know?) - kind of a pygmy deer of some kind? Less than 30cm high he quietly and politely cross the path in front of us and had the thinest legs I've ever seen! 
I have more of these photos on my website and news post, including pictures of orangutan and white tigers. So many beautiful creatures - very inspiring!